Sake Not Served? No Problem!

Have you ever wondered why sake is not available everywhere beer, wine and cocktails are served? Strange, isn’t it?

Shouldn’t we be able to have sake at every restaurant, bar, barbecue, luau, holiday dinner, casino, ski lodge, hotel, local diner, picnic, sporting event or family get-together? 

Sake pairs well with anything!

I don’t know the reason why it isn’t always available, but I do know that you should always be prepared if you run into this situation.

Say, for instance, while on vacation, you went to the pool at the hotel you were staying at to enjoy the sun and lounge for a while.  And to your dismay, sake was not one of the beverage options on the menu!  You would probably need to improvise and find a way to enjoy your sake by the pool.  One possible solution could be to fill a flask and take it poolside.  While we do not condone this type of behavior, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do, at least until more establishments realize that sake is something that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and start to offer it as another drink option.

Pouring Sake into a Flask

Who says you can only have sake with sushi? Or have to be in a high-end establishment?  There are no rules on how, or where, or with what sake should be enjoyed…so just make your own!

Have you ever tried sake with beef jerky?  You should, cause it’s awesome!  

How will you be enjoying your next drink of sake?

Be daring. Do something different.

Now go surprise yourself!

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