About Us

Sake Dojo was founded by sake fans Derek Ichiyama and Scott Murakami. Both grew up in Hawaii and prior to going to Japan, their exposure to sake was very limited. But as is often the case, all it takes is one life changing experience to open up a whole new world. And in both their cases, sake became not just something you drink, but a passion!


About Sake Dojo - Derek

Derek Ichiyama: Derek has over 20 years of experience enjoying drinking.  He started off like most with a taste of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill and some Bartles and Jaymes wine coolers, then moved on to liquor, beer, then shochu, wine and sake.  Luckily, that did not happen all on the same night!  Since living in Japan, he has taken the time to learn more about sake and the effort that goes into making it.  This has led to a deeper appreciation of sake which drives his desire to learn more, and take every opportunity he can to experience new sakes. He hopes that sharing these experiences through Sake Dojo will encourage others to come along for the ride.


About Sake Dojo - Scott

Scott Murakami: Scott traveled to Japan many times in the past 15 years for work and play and always looks forward to the food and drink there. At a reception with the Hawaii delegation and the Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce, everyone was served the finest sake from one of Hiroshima's top breweries. After that, he became a sake fan for life.


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